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At West Loop Ventures, we are futurists funding the next wave of human capital propelling our communities forward. At WLV we seek to find new ways out of “the box”. Our investments and entrepreneurs are our roadmap to new ideas, self expression, and the pursuit of happiness.



Being connected means playing more than the “do you know” game. At WLV, we care deeply about our relationships to all entrepreneurs, investors and the community. We strive to connect people to companies and people to people so they can be the best they can be.



Everyone wants to categorize startups as this for that. There is more to a startup company than it’s elevator pitch. We want to help you build a breakout company. At WLV, we don’t put companies in a box. We put companies into situations where they become game changers and win.




WLV has a vision of how the world will operate ten years from now. We invest in life changing companies that help make a different planet. We connect technology to people in unique ways that enable humans to be at their best. Do you want to be on the bleeding edge? We do.

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Why West Loop Ventures?

Relationships & Reputation

Jeff has developed relationships and a high integrity reputation with next round investors such as VCs, Family offices, Strategic Partners, and Private Equity firms. The latter three are also potential buyout partners.


WLV network is extensive. Deals come from relationships with Proof of Concept GAP Funds, Enterprise Works, Chicago Innovation Exchange, Angel Groups, UI Labs, MRUN.us, Tech Transfer Offices, Other VC Funds, CIM, iBio/Propel, Maker, Regional Accelerators, Tech Stars, Co- Working spaces, and Midwest universities. 

Industry Disruption

Financial Services, B2B businesses, Agricultural Tech, Health Care Technology are all hierarchal in nature, with vertical silos, and ripe for change. Entrepreneurs with years of experience are able to utilize technology cheaply to create new opportunities and solve problems at scale that previously were difficult to handle. New technology is creating new markets. People via the internet and mobile are connected like never before. It’s a green field, and the time is now.


Very few funds are concentrating on the Midwest. Especially when it comes to earlier stage investments.

Midwest Centrality

From 2010-2013, 843 startups were spawned at Illinois universities alone; Virtually every major university in the Big Ten is emphasizing entrepreneurship programs on campus. Selective schools like Chicago and Washington U are creating campus cultures embracing entrepreneurship. Even small schools like Millikin in Decatur, IL are embracing the entrepreneurial movement. Midwestern industries are ready for innovation


Jeff helped start the new wave of early stage investing in Chicago. He understands the trials and tribulations of the startup experience from beginning to end. Because of his lifetime experience, he understands what it takes mentally to run and grow a startup company. He doesn’t have gray hair for kicks.

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Tallgrass Beef

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The Obligatory About Page

Jeffrey Carter

Fund Manager
Timing is everything, and no one knows this better than a trader. Jeff traded his own money at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, specializing in agricultural markets and interest rate markets. In the mid-nineties, he was part of a group of equity owners that saw a huge opportunity and remade the entire exchange. They unlocked trapped value, modernized technology, and exponentially grew the business. CME was the first exchange to demutualize, and the first to go public in November of 2002. It is the largest financial exchange in the world based on notional trading volume and market capitalization. In April of 2007, he used his market intuition and network to help found Hyde Park Angels. Jeff actively recruited like minded investors dedicated to fostering the entrepreneurial ecosystem throughout the Midwest. Prior to HPA’s founding, it was very difficult and expensive to get a seed round done in the Midwest. HPA is now the most respected and largest angel group in the Midwest.



BS Marketing from the College of Business, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana,

MBA University of Chicago Booth Graduate School of Business

Member of the Board of Trustees National World War Two Museum, New Orleans, Louisiana
When Jeff isn’t blogging on www.pointsandfigures.com or meeting with his companies, Jeff can be found grilling meat of all kinds, watching Chicago sports teams and road biking.

Follow him on Twitter @pointsnfigures, or @westloopv
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