FinMkt is a New York-based financial and marketplace technology provider to retailers, associations, financial institutions, alternative finance companies and more. Learn more here. 

Seed CX

Seed CX facilitates secure and reliable trading of seed commodities for Eligible Contract Participants (“ECPs”). With an integrated trading and settlement eco-system, Seed CX can offer both spot and derivative products, with the ability to settle financially or physically. Learn more here. 


Megalytics enables timely, effective investment and management decisions through an automated platform that integrates large and disparate data sources and proprietary algorithms and scoring models to help standardize due diligence and risk assessment processes.


CFX Trading

CFX Markets provides an open and secure network to facilitate secondary transfers of private securities in alternative asset classes. We bring the option of liquidity to accredited investors who invest nationwide in the alternative investments industry. Our secure online market connects various leading portals and issuers across the industry.